All about Squiggles Playbus

Let us introduce ourselves to you.  

Squiggles Playbus is primarily run by myself, Richard. I had a successful career as an accountant, which has been my career for the last 11 years since leaving University. My partner Sophie is a deputy head teacher at a local primary school.We have two young children a daughter aged 4 and a son aged 1.

After visiting many soft play centres over the last few years with our daughter, I decided it was something I was interested in and a fun environment to work in (unlike accounts!!!) It seemed to me that although many of these centres were well run and very well equipped, that they fell down really when it came to the parties. The party boy/girl and his/her friends sit down for a short time to have their party food, then off they go into the play area where they generally lose each other and end up spending most of their birthday surrounded by other children they don't know and are then constantly looking around for their friends.   

So I thought about having a mobile soft play centre that comes to your house and has only the party boy/girl and his/her friends on board. I looked into this for what seems like an eternity and found their were a few already doing this around the country (I've found around 10 others) even one in Cyprus. Although i think Squiggles Playbus is the best!!

So then it was full steam ahead, I quickly purchased a bus and proceeded to get it sent away to be expertly converted into a soft playbus.  

 It was finally completed on Dec 27th 2011, and we did our first parties on the 7th January. We have recently purchased a 2nd playbus and hope to get more playbuses on the road next year. 

Hopefully see you on board soon.....



Finally On the Road !!!

Children are loving Squiggles Playbus for their parties, and so are the parents! 

So many happy faces!



A definite must for any kids party

My son had an amazing time on squiggles playbus and so did all his friends. We had a variety of ages between 2 and

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Ruddington, Not...

The Whole day was a big success

My daughter had her 7th birthday party on the squiggles

Claire Powel...

Newthorpe, Nott...